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Client cases

Here you can learn more about how I have supported my clients and the business results we've achieved together.

Scaling a SaaS company for efficient growth

As a Fractional CMO at Plytix, I managed and mentored members of the Marketing Team, while identifying avenues for growth.


Implementing an attribution tool ( was a key initiative, empowering the Marketing Team to optimize the existing marketing engine. I executed performance analysis for each of the channels, and coached each team member individually on how to optimize the channel they were responsible for including Paid Marketing (Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Meta Ads & Marketplaces such as Capterra & G2), SEO, Content/Blogs, Video incl. YouTube, and email marketing.


The results were a -17.2% decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) coupled with a +20% increase in New ARR


I also played a pivotal role by spearheading recruitment as the Hiring Manager for a Head of SEO position. Additionally, I was part of the Hiring Committee interviewing for a new Operations Manager & a new Marketing Specialist. All three positions were successfully filled with solid candidates. Lastly, I facilitated the onboarding of the new in-house CMO.

While working as a Fractional CMO at Konges Sløjd, my efforts were concentrated on developing a marketing strategy aligned with Konges Sløjds business objectives including expansion into new markets, and full P&L responsibility.


I established the Marketing Team from scratch, and partnered with several digital agencies to speed up the growth journey. I hired a Development Agency to redesign the ecommerce stores, and a Translation Agency who helped localize content, leading to a launch of 8 new localized ecommerce stores. I also hired a Digital Marketing Agency to run paid marketing including Google Ads and Meta Ads. Additionally, I expanded the inhouse team by hiring a Head of Ecommerce, a COO, and several Marketing Specialists. Revenue increased 9x, transitioning from single to double digits. 

Concurrently, I collaborated with the CEO & Senior Leadership in preparing Konges Sløjd for a successful sale, ultimately resulting in a €71M transaction with UK based 3I Group.

Building a kids-clothes ecommerce business from scratch

Growing B2B ecommerce by 4x

As a Fractional CMO at B Company, I was responsible for the development of the ecommerce business, collaborating closely with the company's CEO and owners. I partnered with a Development Agency who built an ecommerce shop in Magento, accommodating custom requirements including integration to the existing ERP system and implementation of a Product Information Management system.


I took charge of recruiting and training three Marketing Specialists to expand the online product portfolio, growing the number of SKUs available for selling from 1.400 to +5.000 online. Subsequently, I established a strategic partnership with a Digital Marketing Agency to execute targeted advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads with a ROAS of +420 on average. 


As the ecommerce division continued to thrive under my leadership, the decision was made to appoint a full-time Head of Ecommerce, whom I hired and onboarded. The strategic initiatives implemented by me resulted in a 4x increase in revenue generated through online channels.


These are some of the clients I've worked with

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