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Practicing Positive Journaling - and why your surroundings can be helpful

Positive journaling, also known as gratitude journaling or positive affirmations journaling, is a practice where individuals regularly record positive thoughts, experiences, and affirmations in a journal or notebook. The primary purpose of positive journaling is to foster a more optimistic and grateful outlook on life and to improve one's overall well-being. Here's how positive journaling works and its potential benefits:

  1. Daily or Regular Practice: Positive journaling is often done daily, but it can also be done at any regular interval that suits the individual, such as weekly or monthly.

  2. Gratitude: A common theme in positive journaling is expressing gratitude. Participants write down things they are grateful for, such as supportive relationships, personal achievements, moments of happiness, or even simple pleasures like a good cup of coffee or a beautiful sunset.

  3. Positive Experiences: Individuals also record positive experiences they've had recently. This can help them relive and savor those moments, reinforcing positive emotions.

  4. Affirmations: Positive affirmations are positive statements about oneself or one's life. These can help boost self-esteem and encourage a more positive self-image. For example, someone might write, "I am capable and confident," or "I attract positive energy and opportunities."

  5. Reflection: Positive journaling often includes a reflective component, where individuals consider the emotions and thoughts associated with their positive experiences and affirmations. This reflection helps to deepen the impact of the practice.

Here is a list of the benefits of positive journaling:

  1. Improved Well-being: Regular positive journaling is associated with increased happiness, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. It shifts the focus from negative aspects of life to positive ones.

  2. Reduced Stress: Expressing gratitude and focusing on positive aspects of life can reduce stress and anxiety. It helps individuals reframe their perspective and find joy even in challenging situations.

  3. Enhanced Self-esteem: Writing positive affirmations can boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Repeatedly acknowledging one's strengths and capabilities can lead to more positive self-perception.

  4. Better Relationships: Expressing gratitude for the people in your life and the positive experiences you share can improve relationships by fostering a sense of appreciation and connection.

  5. Increased Resilience: Positive journaling can help individuals build resilience by highlighting their ability to overcome challenges and find positive aspects in difficult situations.

  6. Mindfulness and Mindset Shift: The practice of positive journaling encourages mindfulness and a shift in mindset from a "glass half empty" perspective to a "glass half full" outlook.

  7. Motivation and Goal Achievement: Positive journaling can motivate individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations by reinforcing their belief in themselves and their abilities.

To get started with positive journaling, all you need is a journal, notebook, or a digital app where you can regularly record your thoughts, gratitude, affirmations, and positive experiences. There are no strict rules, so you can tailor the practice to your preferences and needs. The key is to make it a consistent part of your routine to experience its full benefits.

I started positive journaling the traditional way, though I used the "notes" app on my iPhone. It worked alright, but I struggled to execute my "positive memories" day by day. Then one day while toggling in my kids, I asked them "What are the three best experiences you've had the past couple of days?". Right away, they began to reflect, and sharing their thoughts. Among those, were both good and bad experiences. I noticed that this was also a safe environment for them to share the negative affairs, and reflect on them with me as a safe passenger. Boy, I'm amazed by the conversations we've had over time. Wuhaaa.

If you do not have kids, I would suggest to replicate the same exercise with your spouse, boy/girlfriend, or a good friend. I'm positive "Positive Journaling" could have a great impact on your life too.

Tell me more about your own experiences in the comments.

Happy halloween,



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