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The most powerful podcasts I've listened to

The Tim Ferriss Show.webp

The Tim Ferriss show

Tim Ferriss interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger, focusing on the psychological aspects of Schwarzenegger's success, mindset, and strategies for achieving his goals. The discussion delves into the mental tactics that helped Schwarzenegger become a world-renowned bodybuilder, actor, and politician.

The Next Big Idea

Peter Attia provides a comprehensive guide to achieving longevity, offering insights into the science and strategies for extending a healthy lifespan. The content explores various factors, from nutrition to exercise, that can help individuals optimize their health and increase their chances of living longer, healthier lives.

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Ted talk Ric Elias 3 things I learned while my plane crashed.jpeg

TED Talk

Ric Elias shares three profound lessons he learned during a plane crash, emphasizing the importance of appreciating life, prioritizing what truly matters, and letting go of trivial concerns. And being an father present in the moment.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL, discusses the importance of discipline and leadership while providing practical advice on how to overcome doubt and achieve personal and professional success. Willink's insights are drawn from his military experience and leadership principles.

The Tim Ferriss Show.webp
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