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What I can offer

I assist companies accelerate their business digitally. At the core, I provide input in three areas:

Game Strategy Plan

Marketing Strategy Development

I facilitate putting the right marketing growth strategy in place together with your team, while looking at your business model, organization & the market insights, having your consumers at the heart.

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People & Project Management

I help your company kickstart the implementation of the strategy. This involves selection of the right business partners such as Digital Agencies or Development Agencies, identification of the tech stack that fits your business needs, and KPI measurement, while managing the resources available.

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The most important thing for growth is to have the right people onboard who can execute on the plan. Therefore, this is the key step, and in which I often play a key part of.

"With Frans onboard we've achieved a reduction of -17.2% in Customer Acquisition Cost while increasing New ARR by 20%."

Morten H. Poulsen, CEO, of Plytix

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